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3 min readNov 13, 2020


People who take gambling seriously spend some time on education and learning successful strategies. Reading books and strategies reveals a lot of good tips and another rating that presents a book as a good and useful will mean a lot to a smart gambler. So, what are the good books that every gambler should read before starting the career? In this article, we will present the best five books that every gambler should read to increase his chances of winning. All of these books are useful regardless of the game you are playing, as these reveal some of the things that you cannot find anywhere!


This book related to the games of blackjack and video poker and it is a rather a manual for these games that explains how to play these like a pro! It explains basic questions like how to be a successful blackjack player and how to earn money on video poker! The book says you don’t need to be a math genius. The breakdown of the techniques and successful strategies that earn money is presented well and simple, so anyone could understand the principle. It also offers several useful tips for blackjack and video poker that can increase your chances of winning.

Enemy Number One: The Secrets of the UK’s Most Feared Professional Punter by Patrick Veitch (2010)

Veitch was a former Cambridge’s expert on math who explains how he did find the way to pursue the odds and turn the game in his favor. He uses the counting card method that increases your odds in blackjack, which is one of the most difficult games. He also mentions the odds at European roulette and how to win. This is one of the essential books that every gambler should read before starting with gambling as it reveals to you the basic principles that bookmakers and casinos use. You can complete it in a few hours as it is simple and straightforward and once you do, you are fully equipped for your gambling adventure!

Casino Royale by Ian Fleming (2006)

This is a bit of a fantasy, but it also offers concrete tips and strategies that can be used in real-life gambling. This is the book that served as a source of inspiration for the James Bond film based on this book! It also offers tips for a few other games. Whether you plan to play baccarat, blackjack or poker, this is a book that you should read first, especially if you have never participated in any gambling activity. It is a mix of romance, gambling, passion and real-life-gambling tips that might increase your odds against the house.

Gambling 102 by Michael Shackleford

Michael Shackleford is also known as the Wizard of Odds, as he explains in his book the successful ways of beating the house edge. He uses simple math principles to explain how casino games work and how a player can use these principles to win in these games. The book covers more than 19 different games. If you are looking for a versatile book that covers a lot of things, you should go for this book. Who else could write a better book than a man who spends years and years of gambling, trying to beat the house?

OPTIMAL PLAY: MATHEMATICAL STUDIES OF GAMES AND GAMBLING edited by Stewart N. Ethier and William R. Eadington (2007)

This book is written for the experienced gamblers who are good at math and who are familiar with the gambling terms, as it is complex and full of details that an experienced gambler could have a profit from. The book contains more than 30 articles with in-depth reviews and mathematical analysis of various games, including poker, backgammon, baccarat, horse racings and a lot more! Each analysis is backed up by the mathematical analysis! Therefore, this is a professional piece of equipment that you should have in your collection!