Five New American Habits

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3 min readNov 12, 2020


When it comes to America, people always recall a certain list of habits that differentiates Americans from other nations. American culture per se was emerging and developing in the circumstances, which were sharply contrasting with the European or Asian contexts.

Mainly because of that, certain behavioral patterns emerged, which are just the opposite of how other nations use to live. So, let’s get acquainted with five habits, which are strictly American, and hence are unique to their culture. Probably, you know something about them already, but let’s assess them separately to build a clear image of the American habits as the irreplaceable parts of their culture.

Wearing Shoes Indoors
And here comes one of the most American habits, which is literally absent in any other culture across the globe. Basically, most of the modern American houses aren’t built around the creation of space for removing the shoes. Although in such countries as Germany, Ukraine, Poland, Japan, or Turkey, it would be rude to wear shoes, Americans are just fine with this tradition.

Basically, you shouldn’t wear shoes in all the states of the world except for the US. And we should also mention that most American-like commercials also portray people with their shoes indoors, which is some sort of a cultural symbol when it comes to American habits.

Crazy Working Hours
The socio-economic situation in the US contains one essential element, which is constant competitiveness between people. Because of that hidden rivalry, most people tend to outcompete others in the labor market by developing truly unhealthy methods.

One of the most evident ones is the tendency to work crazy working hours. Some Americans even have two or three part-time jobs, which take them from 12 to 16 hours to handle all those job responsibilities. Obviously, such a workaholic attitude is a habit, which is common to American people. So, this specific tendency of staying longer on offices is something that might be strange to people from Germany, Sweden, or Norway.

Gambling! A lot!
Las Vegas is a milestone for any gambler. Because of its exceptional significance for gamblers, gambling is now something that is often associated with American people. Generally, the American tradition of gambling was developing for years, which is something that should be mentioned. Also, the modern trends in gambling, such as gambling for real money online, trace back to American origins.

And if you try asking gamblers all across the globe concerning the associations to gambling, most of them would refer to the United States. And haven’t we mentioned that the most innovative ways to play roulette for real money online, including Live Dealer modes, were originated in the US?

Watching TV all weekend
In terms of leisure, Americans seem to have a long-lasting tradition of watching TV for too much time. Regardless of whether people there have a weekend or a regular working day, the time spent on television is just overwhelmingly high.

The same situation might be observed while reviewing the modern additions of the Internet and Netflix, which only intensified the American habit of watching TV for hours. By the way, Americans are in top 10 nations that spend too much time on social media and television. While some claim that this habit is essential to culture, others emphasize the negatives of watching TV all weekend.

Sipping Alcohol
Well, this habit might seem a bit blatant, but it’s present in the American culture is indisputable. People in the US prefer to sipping their drinks instead of having them in shots. Thanks to this habit, a wide range of cocktails emerged, eventually creating a comprehensive selection of the American-themed cocktail cards.

However, we should also mention that cocktails make it harder for people to measure the intake of alcohol. So, they seem to be influenced by the so-called “sipping” habit in terms of building unhealthy habits. When it comes to sipping, this solely US-based tradition might be observed on a regular basis; just take a look.