The Most Successful Gamblers In History

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3 min readNov 10, 2020


We all know that the gambling industry generates huge revenue annually and we always hear that someone hit the jackpot, winning the crazy amount of money. Even though some people may think that the professional gambler job does not exist, we decided to present the most successful gamblers in history! Each of them managed to become known and win money! In this article, we will list the five most successful gamblers so you could see that this industry is not a fraud, but rather an industry that awards persistent and hard working players! Therefore, remember their names and do your best — maybe your name replaces one of theirs!

Amarillo Slim

Thomas Austin Preston Jr. of Amarillo Slim was the professional gambler who was known for this prolific poker skills that he presented even back in 1972 when he won $60,000 prize in No Limit Hold’em World Championship! He is considered to be one of the best Texas Hold’em Poker player that has ever played and he did justify that title as he had won more than 10 big-time prizes and tournaments! Amarillo wrote several books about poker, as well. Later on, he did have some family/private problems with the court, but that never stopped him from playing. He played poker the last day before he died in 2012.

Archie Karas

Archie is a Greek high roller who represents the “from rags to riches” concept, as he pulled out the longest and largest winning streak and one of the largest high-stakes roulette bets in the history of casino and gambling! His earlier life was paved with poverty and poor living conditions until he managed to get to Portland, Oregon where he started gambling after he had moved to Los Angeles. Although prolific gambler and poker player, he was accused of cheating. In 2013, he tried to mark the cards while playing blackjack and was arrested in Las Vegas for being charged with cheating and burglary. Still, he is one of best poker players that ever played this game!

Scotty Nguyen

Scotty was a busboy in Las Vegas before he deiced to attend the school for poker, which led him to what he had become today! He is the proud owner of five World Poker Championships and he managed to be in the first place 47 times! Although from Vietnam, Scotty managed to get accustomed to the US and start with poker. However, despite the fame and success that he achieved, he had problems with addictions in other forms: marijuana, cocaine and alcohol. Later on, he claimed bankruptcy and ended up with $5,000 and a single room where lived, but he managed to become sober and get back on the track.

Zeljko Ranogajec

Zeljko is the professional gambler from Australia and an expert for horse betting and blackjack who emigrated from Croatia during the 90s war and attended the Commerce & Law university before settling in the gambling world. He is one of the best blackjack, keno and horse racing players who managed to earn more than A$500,0000 throughout his career. After a successful gambling career, he decided to quit. He did find his expertise useful in the consulting job for Newfield Limited company, which is specialized in horse betting and sports betting. He is currently living in Europe and the Isle Of Man.

Kerry Packer

Kerry is what is called a generous gambler who once placed a bet of $450,000 in an average blackjack hand, leaving the waitress’s generous tips afterward! He was the real example to see how an ordinary poker player lives and thinks about it, but he was later on the media tycoon, who was one of the most powerful people in Australia. He also was active in sports, particularly in cricket and rugby. Being a heavy smoker, he loved to gamble casually without taking too much attention to money. He lost 15 million British Pounds when he placed this money on four roulette tables in a casino in London in just a single round!